Sandra Clair harvesting Thyme in Central Otago, NZ for Artemis. Sandra Clair harvesting Thyme in Central Otago, NZ for Artemis.

Harvesting 2,500 years of plant wisdom. 

The essence of Artemis is knowledge - 2,500 years of medicinal plant wisdom guides our unique process of scouring the earth for the best quality plants, harvesting at the optimal time and developing remedies that work.

The story starts with a book, Materia Medica, written by a famous physician, Dr Theodorus Tabernaemontanus in 1588. A volume almost 2,000 pages long, diligently referenced in 10 languages, lovingly and accurately illustrated. Compiled, formulated and re-tested over 36 years, recording the plant medicine wisdom from ancient Greek, Roman, Arabic and Renaissance European physicians. A life’s work translating the wisdom of 3,000 healing plants into one Pharmacopoeia.

He wrote it to record and share the known world’s plant medicine - not just for a wealthy or powerful few, but for all men and women and children. It was written in plain German, foregoing the normal language of doctors and priests which was exclusive Latin.

This book healed and saved many lives, putting peoples’ health back into their own hands. For the next 200 years, it was also the textbook from which Europe’s doctors were trained.

Through generations, it was a cherished treasure in universities, monasteries, nunneries and families. The knowledge of the plants’ healing wisdom was passed on, planted, harvested, prepared and applied until last century, it came into the hands of a Swiss Franciscan midwife and nun, Sister Pauline.

She used it successfully in her village and surrounds, and then gifted it to her apprentice after three years of learning, planting and harvesting through dedicated, hands-on practice. That apprentice was our founder, Sandra Clair, who started Artemis in 1998.

Sandra, a Swiss Medical Herbalist, is heir to this Lineage, proud to carry on that proven plant medicine tradition. When Sandra arrived in New Zealand she saw a country filled with pure light, clean air and bright with promise. And from here, she and Artemis lead a renaissance of plant wisdom - a ‘plant-roots’ movement that is already thousands of years long.

A Traditional Medicine Renaissance, where we remember we can heal ourselves once more. Where we unlock the remedies passed down in a 500-year old medicine book. Where we rediscover the healing wisdom of plants again.