Here's what Art & Matilda had to say about their chat with Sandra Clair

Dr Sandra Clair

What an absolute privilege to have this lady on our podcast. 

Sandra Clair is one of New Zealand’s most highly qualified Swiss trained medical herbalists, a medical anthropologist (M.A.) and the founder of traditional plant medicine company Artemis.

Sandra has completed her PhD in Health Science at the University of Canterbury, looking at the health policy challenge in regulating traditional medicines in the era of contemporary evidence-based practice.

Long story short, Sandra is an absolute guru when it comes to anything plant medicine. This chat is simply fascinating. The conversation covers Sandra’s background in health science and how Artemis was born (accidental entrepreneur),  the power of plant medicine and how we can incorporate it into our everyday self-care practices, examples of plants and their specific remedies,  her love for NZ and so much more.  You will leave the chat feeling inspired, 100% guaranteed (and will look at your back garden weeds in a new light).

Listen here