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Daily detox support. 

Now that you know how your detoxification pathway works, read on to learn why you need to support them. And, of course, how. 


Why the need for daily support?

Your detoxification organs work hard, every day. 10,000 years ago; 2,000 years ago; even 300 years ago, this was enough to process everything. But then we had the industrial revolution. The advent of cars. Air travel. Pharmaceutical medication. Industrialised farming. Pesticides. Increased air and water pollution. Plastics. House paint. Endocrine disruptors. Fizzy drinks. Chemical skincare products. Processed food… The industrial revolution brought huge changes to our environment and therefore, huge demands on our body.

We eat, drink, use, breathe and absorb tens of thousands more chemicals than any human population, ever. Yet from an evolutionary perspective, we are the same species, with the same detoxification capabilities, as our ancestors. And you know what? Even our ancestors believed that detoxification should be a regular part of life. You find detox rituals in pretty much every traditional culture. They include things like saunas, sweat lodges, fasting, meditating, exercise and herbal medicine.

At Artemis, we believe that our detox organs deserve all the support we can give them! This starts very typically - with a nutrient-dense diet full of (ideally organic) fruits, vegetables and clean water.

And plant medicine. Plant medicine shines when it comes to supporting detoxification. Certain plants contain specific phytochemicals which enhance the detoxification process. Many of these phytochemicals are unique to plant medicine, and not found in everyday foods.  Therefore a nourishing diet alone isn't enough.

Think of it this way, good food and clean water are the foundations and wall of your house - without them, you have nothing. But to have a strong, functional, warm and dry house, you need a good roof, insulation, double-glazed windows, venting, plumbing, lights, heating etc. Plant medicine builds on your foundation for greatness.


How do you feel when your body is detoxifying properly?

In case you aren’t convinced that your body needs ongoing support - just like it needs regular food and water to function at optimum level - these are the benefits of optimal detoxification and elimination:

- you feel energised, balanced and "light"
- you tend to sleep through the night (not waking around 1-2am which is typical with an overworked liver)
- your mood often improves because you generally feel better 
- menstrual cycles are 'easier' with fewer symptoms like cramps and moodiness
- menopause is less challenging due to effective hormone clearance
- weight management is easier - effective detox is imperative for weight loss, plus you have more energy so are more inclined to keep active
- beautiful, clear skin - your skin is an exit organ for excess waste in the form of acne and impurities
- improved digestion and absorption (read: less constipation or diarrhoea)
- you're better equipped to fight off colds and flu due to a healthy immune system
- you maintain healthy cholesterol levels
- your body can more easily repair and restore



Support: How do you know what's good versus what's not? 

With so many detox products on the market, it's hard to know what to choose. Detox products vary from great, to good, to bad, to ugly. Some may actually damage your health - how ironic. When selecting a 'detox' (we hate this term), how effective it will be will depend on what it recommends you eat and drink (or not), and the ingredients.  

Here's our guide to choosing detox support:

- Avoid anything that promises a quick fix, magical weight loss, or anything else that sounds too good to be true - it is.
- Be wary of anything that focuses on short-term fixes because we doubt you'll get long-term gains.
- We do not recommend products that involve extreme dietary changes. These are harsh, unhealthy and deplete your body.
- Read the ingredients. And research the ingredients. Products made with artificial ingredients are taxing on the body and so many have not had sufficient safety testing, if any testing. Do you want to be a guinea pig?
- Look for certified organic products - you don’t want your detox organs to deal with any extra pesticides than it already does. Especially when you're trying to detox!

Bottom line: If detox products are not sustainable, they don't encourage good habits to build good health. And they are not worth your time or money! You're better off focusing on a healthy diet and lifestyle - it will be more beneficial in the long-term.  


How Artemis detox teas nourish your detox organs

We are extremely proud of our teas which support the health of the liver and kidneys. Mainly because we hear how much they are loved by the Artemis community. The plants in these teas have been used for thousands of years to enhance detoxification and recent scientific research confirms their effectiveness and safety. Follow this simple morning ritual to provide specific nourishment to enhance liver and kidney function. 

1 cup Liver Detox Tea before breakfast + 1 cup Kidney Cleanse Tea mid-morning. It's this simple! 

What's the bet you enjoy a couple of hot drinks throughout your day?  Swap them for a hot drink with purpose.


Artemis 'detox' teas

Liver Detox Tea

St Mary’s Thistle (Silybum marianum): One of the most amazing plants in all of herbal medicine, St Mary’s Thistle has proven time and time again that it can directly protect the liver against a number of chemicals, such as ethanol, paracetamol, and carbon tetrachloride. It accelerates the regeneration of liver cells (remember how your liver can grow back?), and contains key antioxidants which promote liver detoxification. It supports healthy oestrogen metabolism, and is the only known antidote for poisoning with Death Cap Mushrooms. We don’t have pharmaceuticals that can do what St Mary’s Thistle can! 

Globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus): As well as directly protecting liver cells, Globe Artichoke’s bitter taste encourages better digestion all through the gastrointestinal tract.  It helps promote bile flow, which is important because fat-soluble toxins are packaged up with bile for excretion. Bile is also a natural laxative, so you eliminate your toxins efficiently. Globe Artichoke is also the plant for improving blood lipid levels and high cholesterol.  

Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale): Another bitter plant, Dandelion helps to increase the flow of digestive juices and break down food for better absorption.  It has been used for centuries to treat issues associated with poor liver function, and recent research has confirmed that it directly increases the liver’s detoxifying capacity

Calendula (Calendula officinalis): Calendula enhances the function of the liver as it is high in antioxidants needed for detoxification. It is also a bitter tonic. 

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) & Peppermint (Mentha piperita): These herbs work synergistically to help encourage the proper breakdown and absorption of food and nutrients, as well as calm bloating and gas. Peppermint was traditionally used to prevent gallstones, and recent research confirms this effect .


Kidney Cleanse Tea

Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea): Goldenrod is to the kidneys as St Mary’s Thistle is to the liver. One of the best kidney and urinary tract remedies, Goldenrod helps your kidneys flush pathogens, urinary irritants, and water-soluble metabolic waste. 

Birch (Betula pendula): An excellent diuretic, Birch increases urine volume, to relieve cystitis and oedema. Its high mineral content provides the nutrients needed to cleanse wastes and uric acid.  Excess uric acid in the body causes gout, a painful form of arthritis.  .

Nettle (Urtica dioica): In a world full of amazing plant medicine, Nettle is top of the heap! This plant helps strengthen many detoxification, digestion, and elimination organs- including the kidneys, bladder, liver, and pancreas. .  It is one of the most nutrient-rich plants that you can eat, with an abundance of minerals and trace minerals. It has shown to help with everything from allergies to arthritis to diabetes. Yay for Nettle!  

Horsetail (Equisitum arvense): Horsetail is a diuretic which doesn’t affect electrolyte balance – a major feat compared to many pharmaceutical diuretics which require electrolyte replacement. It is high in silica to strengthen connection tissue, including the highly important tissue of the kidneys, which filters over 1000ml of blood every minute!

Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus): Raspberry leaves strengthen bladder function, kidneys and the uterus. It soothes mucous membranes of kidney and urinary tract. It is high in antioxidants and is antimicrobial - great to keep the kidneys clean and free of infections. 


So there you have it - the why and how of detox support. If you've read this to the end (well done, you!) we know you'll have more respect for the awesome job that your detoxification organs do every day! Now, show them some love and nourish them with plant medicine!


Research is on file, please request if you’re interested (we love to share our knowledge).