Our promise to you is to make products that work. Our promise to you is to make products that work.

An unwavering commitment to quality

Everything we do at Artemis, comes back to one thing: 


This is why we scour the world for the best plant ingredients. Why we visit our suppliers and spend years building relationships. Building friendships. We know where our plants are grown. We know the source is sustainable and harvested with minimal impact on the environment. 

This is why we use certified organic and wild harvested plants. We know the benefits of organic farming. The benefits of healthy soil. We know that plants' medicinal properties are higher when grown without pesticides and herbicides. We know that these chemicals are not good for human health. And certainly not good for the environment. So we omit them completely.

This is why we prioritise freshness. We know that using the latest harvest means our plants have high levels of essential oils. We know essential oils are powerful plant compounds that are easily utilised by the body. That's why we include them in our unique formulas.

This is why we treat product safety with the utmost of importance. Why we only use plant ingredients that international authorities endorse. This is why we invest in research on plant medicine. Why we follow scientific studies with keen interest.

This is why we draw from our rich history. Why we draw on our European lineage that is hundreds of years old. We see how our ancestors used plant medicine to heal and stay well. We use proven remedies passed down from generation to generation.  We know how to make them relevant to us today.

We know that if we focus on quality, you benefit.

We promise to make products that work.