Important Safety Information



Ministry of Health recommendations in New Zealand are that babies should not have honey before 12 months of age. Although the risk is small, honey has been associated with cases of infant botulism (Ministry of Health, 2008).

The Artemis Kids range does not contain honey, and these products are therefore safe to use in babies and infants under 12 months of age. This range also does not contain any refined or artificial sweeteners or flavours, which can be problematic in vulnerable patients, such as infants, children and diabetics.


Safety & Quality statement

At Artemis, we think safety and quality go hand-in-hand. All our raw ingredients are sourced with the utmost care to ensure they meet our high quality standards. All of our herbal ingredients in our oral liquids, sprays, creams, oils and tonics comply with European Pharmcopoeia standards. Adhering to European Pharmacopeia standards means that manufacturers must assess for contaminants, impurities, adulterants, toxic metals, pesticide and herbicide residues, fumigation agents, radioactivity, microbial and mycotoxin contamination, and degradation products. Therefore, it ensures high-quality, therapeutic-grade herbs that will provide safe and effective products.

Our medicinal tea range uses only certified organic herbs. We are certified with BioGro NZ. BioGro NZ certification ensures that ingredients are grown and processed without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, synthetic fertilisers, additives or processing aids.  It also ensures that products and their ingredients are not tested on animals and are not harmful to human health or the environment. Plants must be ethically and sustainably harvested. GMO and GM technology are expressly prohibited.

Our products have been carefully formulated to ensure their safety for all ages and stages, when used at the recommended dosages:

  • All Artemis products are suitable for use during pregnancy, except for Oral Tissue Repair, which is not suitable due to it containing Rue.

  • All Artemis products are suitable for use in breastfeeding.

  • All Artemis products are suitable for use alongside prescribed and OTC medications. There have been no herb-drug interactions documented at the recommended dosages.

  • All Artemis products are free from gluten, dairy and artificial ingredients, making them suitable for individuals with sensitivities.



Ministry of Health 2008. Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Infants and Toddlers (Aged 0–2): A background paper - Partially revised December 2012. Wellington: Ministry of Health