Sandra Clair at the annual Artemis Thyme Harvest, New Zealand Sandra Clair at the annual Artemis Thyme Harvest, New Zealand

Our founder, Sandra Clair.

A renowned plant medicine expert. A Swiss Medical Herbalist. Founder of Artemis. A PhD candidate and medical anthropologist. A former journalist and historian. An inspiration. An Artemis.

Sandra Clair, our founder and lineage holder of age old wisdom, is our modern-day Artemis. Like Artemis, Sandra is multi-faceted. Her talents, passions and intellect combine to create an inspirational woman.

Like Artemis, her vision comes from a place of compassion: to unlock the healing power of plant medicine for all. Sandra believes that we can all thrive if we listen to our bodies and support it with what it needs. She has poured her heart and wisdom into our therapeutic remedies to bring you the highest quality traditional plant medicine. To help you thrive.

Where does her passion for self-care come from? Her upbringing at the foothills of the Swiss Alps - a living, breathing natural pharmacy. Her apprenticeship with Sister Pauline – a Franciscan nun, midwife and medical herbalist. Her extraordinary connection with the Materia Medica – a 500 year old pharmacopeia of Traditional European Medicine. Experiencing first-hand the healing powers of plant medicine. These experiences are unique to Sandra.

Sandra is one of New Zealand’s most qualified plant medicine experts. A traditionally trained Medical Herbalist with degrees in health science and Medical Anthropology. She was awarded a special university scholarship and is currently completing a PhD exploring the relevance of traditional plant medicine today. In 2016, Sandra was appointed to the interim technical expert advisory committee for natural health products by the Ministry of Health. In 2018, Sandra was chosen as one of 28 UC Ambassador Alumni, from a pool of 120,000 University of Canterbury graduates.

As Artemis delivers her vision globally, Sandra continues to formulate new products. She advocates for traditional plant medicine through training seminars, New Zealand Herald column and community outreach. In keeping with her passion, Sandra still leads our annual harvests, gathering with the hum of the bees.



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